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Bowel Cancer Awareness Month – April 2018

Dear All,

Please read below and share, share, share as us guys are pretty good at not going to our GP often until the disease has progressed.

April is Bowel Cancer Awareness Month and during the month we’ll be raising awareness of bowel cancer symptoms. Every 40 minutes in England someone dies from bowel cancer, meaning that 13,000 people die from the disease every year – that’s 36 people every day.

Nearly everyone diagnosed at the earliest stage will survive bowel cancer but this drops significantly as the disease develops. Early diagnosis really does save lives, but only around 15% of people are diagnosed at the earliest stage.

Help us spread the word!

Order free copies of our handy symptoms guide and we’ll send you five so you can share them with family and friends. Being aware of the key symptoms and visiting your GP if things don’t feel right can help increase chances of an early diagnosis.

What have we got planned for the month?

Come and cheer on our mega Marathon team!

This year’s London Marathon takes place on Sunday 22 April and we need your help to make as much noise as possible for our amazing team of over 100 runners! If you are interested in volunteering please email Beth in our Events Team.

No previous cheer-leading experience required!

Be inspired to get on your bike 

Bowel Cancer Awareness Month is the perfect time to join team #STOPbowelcancer.

Be inspired by our many fundraisers this April and join our biggest RideLondon team we’ve ever had. Start training now and you’ll be ready to go come the end of July to show those roads who’s boss!

Know the Score

Players, managers and personalities from the world of professional football will be showing their support for the eighth annual Know the Score campaign by donning a Star of Hope pin badge.

Keep an eye out on Match of the Day for those showing support by wearing the international symbol for those affected by bowel cancer! Find out more about the campaign here.

Time to Test

We want every bowel cancer patient to be tested at diagnosis for Lynch syndrome – a genetic condition that dramatically increases the lifetime risk of bowel cancer to up to 80%, as well as many other cancers. We recently revealed that more than 80% of hospitals in England are failing to do this because they aren’t being given the funding to pay for these tests. We urgently need your help to make sure every hospital is testing in line with clinical guidance. Take action and tell your MP it’s time to test.

It’s not too late – Be a Star, Bake a Cake

Be a Star, Bake a Cake returns for its third year and we are seeing even more amazing supporters signing up to be part of our team to hold a bake sale and raise awareness and donations.

We have lots of celebrity recipes on our website to inspire your bakes. Sharing a sweet treat is the perfect way to raise awareness and vital funds this Bowel Cancer Awareness Month.

Book an awareness talk

What better time than Bowel Cancer Awareness Month is there to book a free talk for your workplace or community?

Our team of trained volunteers, all with personal experience of bowel cancer, give free awareness talks to groups about symptoms, risk factors and screening.

Keep an eye on our blog  

Throughout April we’ll be publishing lots of blogs, announcing some exciting research news and launching our fundraising campaign Step up for 30, now in its second year.

We’ve also polled the nation to see what they know about bowel cancer symptoms, which will be revealed soon.

Lastly, do follow our social media accounts as we’ll be sharing all the latest updates and pictures:


Lots of love n light
Miggy X
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What a beautiful morning for another Maverick 7k cross country run! Today Paula is travelling to Gloucester with Pete and will take part in the 2nd of her 5 races this year, all to raise money for Meds4Miggy!

Paula is thankful for all those who have spared a little cash to sponsor her on this journey so far, and if there’s anyone else who would like to sponsor her then please click on this link!…


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Did you know the “new” Mayor and Mayoress will be there to start the Mini-mile and family 5k fun – run at the Meds4Miggy funday event on the 1st July!! 😍

If you or your family are interested in taking part in either of these runs then please complete this questionnaire;

The fab event has been organised by the lovely foxy ladies running club and every participant will receive a medal courtesy of Pinnacle UK

You can also look the part by purchasing one of these great t-shirts from our on-line shop!

We look forwards to seeing you all on the 1st July!!

#Meds4Miggy #MiggyArmy



Holly will be running her next marathon in South Africa in June. She is kindly donating her sponsorship money to our charity Meds4Miggy, check out our Facebook page (@meds4miggy) & Twitter (@meds4miggy)!

Please let’s all give her a reason to run this marathon till the end and raise some money for a very worthy cause.

To sponsor Holly click here and put for Holly in the message so she knows it’s for her.

Good luck Holly!!! And thank you again! Your amazing!!!!

race night
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Wanna Bet? Come join our race night for Miggy!

A charity race night is to be held in aid of Meds4Miggy at Findon Village Hall on Friday June 9….

And any horse racing fans are going to love this, because, not only is it a chance to help raise funds for our good friend Miggy, but, by placing a bet on the gigis you could be in with a chance of winning something back yourself!

Doors open on the night from 6.30pm and guests will be able to make the most of a cash bar and BBQ banquet. There’s also the possibility to go home with a haul of booty from a grand raffle that will be held, as well as collecting the winnings from the race night itself, of course!

The first race will kick off at 7.30pm. Tickets are £5 and available from the Findon Newsagency, Peckham’s Butchers and Julia’s Kitchen.

Get your tickets bought well in advance though, because they’re likely to be selling out fast!

Thanks very much to the lovely Liz Legge for organising this great evening – we can’t wait!

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Afternoon All,
Today I have been on live radio………..amazing…!! Sussex radio called
this morning and said they were interested in my story and would I like to explain
it to their listeners. Great to be able to continue raising awareness, remember April
is bowel cancer awareness month, if in doubt check it out.
Love to all X
Have a fab holiday.
Mig X
#Meds4Miggy #MiggsArmy
Horizon Ride Nature By Sunsets Bicycles Sol
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Cycle 4 Miggy!

Two more fighting fit and utterly amazing people have taken up their places among the ranks of Mig’s Army!

Worthing cyclists Alison Crewdson and Steve Neil are hoping to raise £400 for Meds4Miggy by cycling 75 miles at only two events!

Alison, who is a friend of Miggy’s wife, George, said: “I wanted to help fund my friend’s cancer treatment, to prolong his life, so that he can have more time with his beautiful wife and sons.

“So Steve Neil and I plan to cycle 36 miles in the Sunrise Suffolk event in May and tackle the 40 mile route of Davina’s Big Sussex Bike Ride on June 25 to raise the much needed funds”.

If you would like to find out more, or are up for sponsoring this awesome duo, then you can visit their Just Giving page and give them a boost.

Best of luck guys!

 #MigsArmy #Meds4Miggy


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Brighton Marathon here we come!!

Hi, my name is Nicky May and as most of you know i will be running the Brighton marathon next Sunday!

I have chosen to run this on behalf of the Ammolla family, who are known to many of my running friends and live in the same village as me. They are fighting to get the funds for a much needed cancer treatment.

So If you haven’t sponsored me yet and would like to, please click on this link.

Thank you so much!

Nicky May xx

#Meds4Miggy #MiggsArmy