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What a beautiful morning for another Maverick 7k cross country run! Today Paula is travelling to Gloucester with Pete and will take part in the 2nd of her 5 races this year, all to raise money for Meds4Miggy!

Paula is thankful for all those who have spared a little cash to sponsor her on this journey so far, and if there’s anyone else who would like to sponsor her then please click on this link!…


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Did you know the “new” Mayor and Mayoress will be there to start the Mini-mile and family 5k fun – run at the Meds4Miggy funday event on the 1st July!! 😍

If you or your family are interested in taking part in either of these runs then please complete this questionnaire;

The fab event has been organised by the lovely foxy ladies running club and every participant will receive a medal courtesy of Pinnacle UK

You can also look the part by purchasing one of these great t-shirts from our on-line shop!

We look forwards to seeing you all on the 1st July!!

#Meds4Miggy #MiggyArmy

young suvi

Young Survivors Week!!

Now although I have been classed as terminal I truly see myself as a survivor in that every day I wake up and am still in the game.
This is an important campaign to raise awareness of how cancer does not discriminate in any way at all and does not care what age you are. If you click here you can read how easy it is to miss the vital warning signs and also how many times on average it takes to visit your GP before you are referred. The key thing here is that bowel cancer is totally preventable, treatable and curative if caught early enough………but there’s the issue, it must be caught in the early stages.
Please read share and spread the word as you just must save a life, now wouldn’t that be amazing.
Lots of love & you all.
Miggy XXXX


Holly will be running her next marathon in South Africa in June. She is kindly donating her sponsorship money to our charity Meds4Miggy, check out our Facebook page (@meds4miggy) & Twitter (@meds4miggy)!

Please let’s all give her a reason to run this marathon till the end and raise some money for a very worthy cause.

To sponsor Holly click here and put for Holly in the message so she knows it’s for her.

Good luck Holly!!! And thank you again! Your amazing!!!!

cancer treatment


Dear All,

A couple of weeks ago I had a CT scan with a meeting a couple of days later with my oncologist. Now as normal I had prepared myself mentally to be ready for anything and expect nothing. But for once I was almost speechless, maybe even slightly in shock when he told me he had good news and it was threefold. Firstly that there was no more new growth. The second was that most of the tumours on my lungs had either become smaller or had not grown. The third and for me really exciting news was to be told that the tumour on my liver had pretty much disappeared. Well as you can imagine I was literally over the moon with joy. The last year and a half has been tough not just for me but for my wife and family so it was great to be able to share this news with them and see their faces, just priceless. I am so blessed to have such amazing friends and family as it’s your support and kindness that truly makes the difference. What next? Well my oncologist has given me 3 months before my next scan which is great as I can now relax, enjoy the summer and even have a holiday……😎. That said the really exciting thing is that I can continue in what I am doing to help heal myself although it’s likely treatments will start in September but until then I am going to enjoy. As always we appreciate all your help and support and look forward to seeing you at the fun day on 1st July.
Lots of love
Miggy XXXX


Last saturday the Meds4Miggy quiz  took place at the John Seldon pub which was organised by the lovely Sarah Broad, who might I add did a fantastic job! The place was buzzing with excited people and a fun night was had by all!

We are happy to announce that a staggering £1830.65 was raised from this night!!  Amazing!!

This money will pay help pay for Miggy’s treatment of Avastin of which he will need to have every two weeks at a cost of £1500.

Thank you to everyone who helped organise the event and to all those who came!

We hope to see you at the next Funday event on the 1st July at Worthing rugby club!

#Meds4Miggy  #MiggsArmy