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UPDATE FROM MIGGY: Reiki – start feeling better from the inside

Currently there is no definitive cure for cancer, we all know that. But I really do believe that amazing things are happening in the world of medicine and science to ensure that a breakthrough is only just around the corner.

In the meantime, as well as the more traditional treatments for the types of cancer there are, many turn to additional ways to enable their bodies to be well enough to fight this disease.

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is based on the idea that an unseen “life force energy” flows through us and is the reason we’re alive.

It’s often used in conjunction with other cancer treatments as a method of spiritual healing and self-improvement – and it has been effective in helping the symptoms of many an illness. It also creates a beneficial effect, whether to enhance well-being, relieve side effects or promote recovery.

I am currently seeing a reiki healer twice a week. I am also learning to become a healer and learning level 1 which is 12 x 2 hour sessions.

Both the above come from two lovely ladies called Kathy and Collette from Bewitched in Rowlands Road.

They offer many services including readings, healing, healing courses, up cycled clothing and quirky ladies bags etc….

I would like to give them a mention as they have been a real support to me over the past 6-7 months and have not charged me a penny – plus they’ve plied me with lots of tea and coffee! I can’t thank them enough.

If you’d like to find out more, you can give them a call on 01903 206663 or visit the website at



UPDATE FROM MIGGY: Cannabis oil – the cancer killer?

You may or may not have seen the news in the press about cannabis and the masses of positive effects that its oil is believed to have in fighting cancer.

Only a couple of days ago, the news hit the headlines about a boy who made a miraculous recovery from cancer after his mother gave him some cannabis oil.

While some believe it can shrink tumours, others feel that the plant can at the very least alleviate many of the horrific side effects of this vile disease. And let’s face it, when you’re in this kind of boat, any lifeline is a more than welcome prospect!

I am currently taking a product from a company called Cannawell called Hemp Pure 6x Strength Organic Cannabidiol – with black cumin seeds & frankincense oil added.

It has many benefits and I believe it does help in addition to other things, such as an antioxidant filled, healthy diet and reiki. What this combination of treatments can provide is a holistic approach to mind, body and soul.

I am also seeing a Chinese herbalist doctor on Friday, as I discussed apricot kernels with her, which have a ‘seek and destroy’ type effect on cancer cells.

There’s certainly a lot to be said for looking into holistic remedies and treatments for cancer sufferers to complement the more traditional methods.

So, keep an eye on the website to find out more about the variety of treatments that I am trying in my bid to win this war!


Miggys Army

What a ‘Worthy’ way to tackle 10K!

Summer’s definitely around the corner and it’s that time of year again for the Worthing 10k!

When the event kicks off on June 4, the lovely Emma Hennings will be taking on the super running challenge as a fully fledged member of Miggs Army!

She said: “This year I’m getting hot and sweaty for a great cause that’s much closer to home – Meds4Miggy.

“Miggy is a lovely young dad from my kids’ school who needs to raise £200,000 for a cancer drug to prolong his life. Please, please read and follow his story and donate whatever you can, any amount, big or small to help him on this journey”.

If you would like to sponsor Emma, please make a donation via the Just Giving Page and remember to include your message of support!



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**** QUIZ NIGHT!!! ****

Now, we all love flexing our brain power at these kind of events, don’t we! (Well if you don’t – it’s a chance to pretend you’re being brainy, while you get a few pints down you – and it’s for a good cause too!)

Come along to support this fabulous fundraiser for Miggy, bring a few mates, have a laugh and show everyone how awesomely clever you are!

The quiz night will be held at the John Selden, in Durrington, on May 13th at 7.30pm.

Come and join us for a fun packed quiz evening! Bring your friends, all are welcome!

The cost is only £10per person – and tickets are limited so be quick!

For more information, visit



Trudi Scrumptious!

We have another awesome marathon runner to add to the list of talented and fabulous individuals who are joining the ranks of Miggys Army!
Trudi, who runs for the Foxy Ladies running club in Worthing, is tackling the Brighton Marathon on April 9 in aid of Meds4Miggy!
Here’s her message:
“To my lovely friends, as some of you are aware, I am running the Brighton Marathon in 3wks time ?.. I know a lot of you have been asking about sponsoring me, so I would kindly ask if your donations could go to my friends just giving page .
“If you wouldn’t mind, please also read and share their story to help them raise the money they so desperately need.
“Thank you so much ❤”
To sponsor Trudi, please visit the Just Giving page and make your donation, adding in a comment of support to show who it’s for.
Best of luck Trudi!!
Support Mary's marathon!
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Mary’s Marathon for Miggy!

If you were wondering about some of the great ways in which you can help raise funds for Meds4Miggy, then check this out for inspiration…

Super fit Mary Greening has decided to dedicate her London Marathon run on April 23 to matters close to home…  All 26+ miles of it!

She said: “Friends and people’s lives are important to me. The Ammolla family got told that there is an exciting new drug that is working miracles on cancer and could prolong the father’s (Migs) life long enough to watch his sons, (aged 10 and 6) grow up.

Unfortunately it is not available on the NHS and the family need to raise the funds themselves at a huge cost.  Migs needs to start this treatment urgently and I hope we can help support this cause”.

If you would like to help by sponsoring Mary then please donate to the Just Giving page and put a comment of support for Mary in when you do.

She added:  “I will not be offended or cross the road when I see you if you don’t want to help, but just so you know 26.2 miles is a chuffin long way!!!”??

All the very best of luck Mary – lets give her all the support we can. And the beers are on us at the finish line! xx